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"I've always been in relatively good shape my entire life. I play basketball, workout, and even am getting into rock climbing.

I wanted to really crush my diet, build more muscle and get my bodyfat down a few points so I tried the GroomBuilder program. I was a little worried about the results at first because it was the first ever fitness program I bought, but with my wedding coming up I knew it was the perfect time to try something new and make things happen.

I'm glad I did. I loved the workouts. They were hard and intense, but I felt great throughout. Being super busy, I also really liked how the workouts were so fast. I have a gym in my office so it was perfect to squeeze in a quick workout during the day and still get results.

The diet was awesome too. Easy to follow. I was never about crazy supplements so it was nice to see that the program only targeted the basics. It also showed me that I just wasn't getting enough protein beforehand to help me grow my muscles.

After eight weeks, I lost a few inches of fat around my waist, added some inches to my chest, shoulders, and legs, and actually did better on the rock walls because of a stronger back and grip. Oh, and I felt pretty great on my wedding day too. :) I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the program. Thanks!"

— Jun Loayza
San Francisco, CA

IMG_0727Within the first few weeks I could see the effects purely based on the fit of some of my clothing. Tight fitting pants fit more comfortably, where the pants I went a size up in, needed an extra tug on my belt to fit snugly around my waist. I could feel my posture improving and my overall endurance improved noticeably during my cardio work as a result of the strength training. The fitness plans were approachable which was greatly aided by the video links, especially for those that I was unfamiliar with and ordinarily would have glossed over had it been an exercise in something like Men's Fitness. The nutrition plan was equally approachable especially with the scale provided to measure the portion sizes - Anthony gave great suggestions for dishes even a beginner cook could do and even gave me some candid feedback when I had questions about substitutions.

Most importantly I feel better prepared to ensure that I'm looking and feeling my best when the big day arrives, I've found and am in a system that I trust and develop in purely by augmenting either the weight I'm working with (where applicable) or adding different nuances into the routines to increase difficulty (i.e. pause squats)

Signing up for a gym alone can be an expansive and exhausting venture (especially if you're looking for something well equipped) and finding a personal trainer can be even more so especially when you factor in scheduling and availability.

Hesitation for me always came down to, "is this the right time, is this the right fit, is this the right ____?" I'm sure I'm not alone here - all I needed to be reminded of is that all the factors will never be just right, but that I just needed to find a system and routine that I thought I could grow into and commit

So if I had to give you my pitch on the program I'd say that as the saying goes, winning cures all - and to me GroomBuilder was a major win.

— Jonathan D
Boston, MA
(Lost 8lbs with "Hybrid" diet)
The Groom Builder program was honestly different than any other workout program I have tried. It provides you with a foundation to improve your overall fitness, and it builds on that each and every week. After the first couple of weeks building that foundation, I saw strength gains in myself that I haven't seen before. And by the end I was as strong as I have been in a while. I was also losing fat in all the places I would want to target (belly, chest, hips).

I am now extremely confident to put on that suit on my wedding day. I've been waiting to get my suite tailored because I keep getting slimmer in my mid section, which is a great feeling.

I think most guys are in the same position I was in. Not looking for drastic changes, but just trying to look as best as possible for the big day. I think most guys hesitate because they're resistant to accepting the fact that what they're doing to get shape isn't working. I know I was falling into the same routine at the gym, working hard doing the same old exercises week after week. I wasn't getting the results I was looking for - but also didn't know how to fix it. So I figured what I was doing was better than nothing. Getting over that initial hurdle of trying something new and getting through the first couple of weeks was the biggest step for me. Once I was at that point, I was all in.

If someone is exploring the option of embarking on the GroomBuilder journey - they have already taken a step towards getting in better shape. They have already accepted the fact that they need to make a change to see results. This is a program that works, plain and simple. As simple as it sounds, my advice would be to just jump in a give it a shot. People who do, will quickly realize that it's a program worth doing.

— Tim D
Boston, MA

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